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Mobile + Me: The Remodelled Brand Opportunity

Mobile phones are fast becoming the most-valued device in our lives. In fact, for many people, they’re not just devices, they are an intrinsic part of “me time”; the time spent doing things we enjoy away from work or other commitments. 

To explore this idea further, we commissioned independent research, surveying over 3,000 consumers across the UK, Germany and France. Our ‘ Mobile + Me – The Remodelled Brand Opportunity’ research report shows how consumers are using their devices and how “me time” has evolved their behaviour and perception to mobile advertising. 

The report has highlighted the millennial move to a mobile-first world and the opportunity it brings for brands and advertisers. For example, did you know that 80% of millennials say they have been influenced to purchase by a mobile ad? Or that consumers use mobile devices to research purchases five times a day?

Download the report to learn:

  1. How mobile has redefined what we do in our “me” time
  2. The role mobile plays on purchase behaviour
  3. Why relevancy and creativity are key to driving awareness and direct response
  4. The key to unlocking mobile success for brand and performance advertisers
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