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Introducing Political Affiliation and Engagement For Quantcast Measure

Recently, we introduced the latest addition to our demographics report, Political Affiliation and Engagement. Released in beta, this new data allows any web publisher to understand the political makeup of their audience as the 2014 midterm election season ramps up.

The new Political Affiliation and Engagement indexes illustrate what political parties a publisher’s audience is affiliated with, along with their level of political engagement. Quantcast Measure users will be able to see this data for all web content, at the network, domain and audience segment levels. With digital advertising budgets for political campaigns projected to reach $1 billion by 2016, its more important than ever for both publishers and marketers to understand how they can reach new audiences online.

One example we found interesting was for Drudge Report, a property that is strongly associated with conservative politics. As expected, their political demographics index extremely strongly against a Republican affiliation and a very active audience. Interestingly, the larger demographic profile from Drudge Report also is inline with traditional Republican demographics, skewing older, wealthier and Caucasian.

Summer’s Hottest Campaign: The Ice Bucket Challenge

This summer offered one of the most successful viral marketing efforts of the past decade, as the Ice Bucket Challenge swept across social media in the US in support of ALS research. We were curious about who was keeping interest alive in this topic and helping it spread across the globe, so we took a look at the audience that has been engaging with content around Ice Bucket Challenge. To our surprise, the people actively engaging were primarily people who were not politically active.

Political Demographic Report – Ice Bucket Challenge

The audience for the Ice Bucket Challenge over-index on politically inactive (121) and under-index on politically active (81) as compared to the US population. Of course, one reason this particular campaign was so successful is because it was focused on a non-divisive, non-partisan cause, which you can see by the fact that this audience indexes evenly across Republican, Democrat and Independent.

It would be surprising to see any politically partisan issue engage people on the scale of the Ice Bucket Challenge, but it will be interesting if any of the 2014 midterm campaigns can pull off the next great piece of viral marketing and we’re really excited to have these political demographics available for Measure users.

Notes on Methodology

This new data is collected using a similar methodology for how we calculate all of our demographics. We build an advanced inferential algorithm that is based on anonymous reference data containing a user’s expressed affiliations and engagement levels, and apply advanced statistical modeling based on our direct visibility into web usage behavior. Our new political data is verified against 2014 results for the US population from Gallup research for political affiliation and Pew research for political engagement.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with thoughts or questions.

Posted by Nick Binder, Product Marketing Manager