Audience Insights for Advertisers


Audience Insights Guide for Advertisers

Quantcast Audience Insights is under construction. In the meantime, the insights are now available in your Quantcast Measure profile.

Quantcast Measure gives you an understanding of your online audience at each stage of consumer engagement. It helps build audience profiles, improve marketing programs and defines similar audiences across the web.

Getting to Audience Insights

  1. After logging into your default screen will be the reporting dashboard.
  2. Select “Audience Insights” from the dropdown at the top left of your screen.
  3. Click on the advertiser name from the list on your screen to be taken to your reports.
  4. If you want to get back to your Reporting Dashboard, click “Advertise” in the navigation header at any time.


Overview of Audience Insights Navigation

Select Campaign Goal Tag

We recommend looking at your reports for a specific action on the site. To do this,

    1. Select the relevant page tag name from the list of events.
    2. Once selected, you will be taken to audience insights for only those users that have visited that page.


Event Summary

Once an event is chosen, you’ll see an event summary page. For each tag you can see Unique Cookies for a specific country as well as the global number over the last 30 days. We also added a unique percentage showing the traffic breakdown of the site.

    1. In this view you will also see a summary of traffic, demographics, audience interests, web frequency, and web traffic sources.
      1. Navigation between reports is located on the right hand side.
    2. The country can be changed on the top right. This will also update the country-specific column in the table.
    3. You have the option of exporting the data via the link on the top left.


Four Reports

The main reports that we recommend are Traffic, Demographics, Audience Interests and Geo-Location. Let’s take you through these reports in more detail.


When you scroll over the traffic graph an overlay appears showing traffic volume broken out by device. The metrics in the top tabs will update as you scroll to show the following:

    1. Uniques: The number of online cookies or mobile app users for an event.
    2. People: The estimated number of people accessing the event page.
    3. Visits: The number of individual sessions initiated by all the visitors to the event page.
    4. Page Views: The number of views of all the pages on the selected event page. A page view is an instance of a page being loaded by a browser.


UK Demographic Attributes

The full demographic view can be accessed through the “see all” or the right hand navigation.  The reports gives insight into Gender, Age, Children in the Household, Head of Household Education and Household Income. This report is great for identifying high value segments, determining conversion rates by segment, seeing profiles for different events as people move along the funnel, and/or to see who your media is reaching.


Audience Interests

Another report we offer is Audience Interests, which is comprised of two reports: Interests, Sites.

  1. Interests (formerly Similar Audiences)
    • The Interests section displays the affinity that unique cookies exhibit for various categories of sites. This is indexed against the Internet average, 1 being the average relative to the UK population.
    • You can view this report in either “Hierarchical” or “List” view. The hierarchical is grouped by Parent interests, while the list view is the full list ranked by affinity.

  2. Sites
    • This section shows specific sites that visitors of your site are likely to visit.
    • These insights can be used to identify sites to buy media from, increase efficiency of spend, or view publisher data on each site.
    • The monthly overlap shows the percent of people who trigger the event that visit the listed site.



This report shows the geographic regions by Country, Cities and UK Counties that represent the highest percentage of visitors to your site. It is also indexed against the Internet average (100 being the average).


Mobile Web Traffic Report

This report can be found on your Event Summary page or via the right-hand menu. It shows a summary of your traffic sources, focusing on mobile web traffic details such as traffic by device type.



Our business report shows the name of the ISP that the user is connecting from, which is reflective of the employers of your visitors.


For questions on navigation or any of these reports, please contact your Quantcast account team or

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