AdChoices Guide for Publishers


AdChoices Program for Publishers

Quantcast hosts the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Advertising Option Icon, also known as the AdChoices Icon, for small and medium Quantified publishers. Quantified publishers that agree to the DAA’s Terms of Use can place the icon on their web pages (see instructions below). Consumers who click the icon are taken to a Quantcast-hosted disclosure page which notifies the user about third party data collection and use practices, and which provides a link to the DAA’s universal, easy-to-use, opt-out mechanism. About the AdChoices program.

This free offering is available to Quantified publishers with annual online behavioral advertising revenues under $2 million and total annual revenues under $15 million.


This free offering enables you to participate in ad industry self-regulation by providing consumers with choices and control. The AdChoices program can promote user confidence, and demonstrate the industry’s commitment to consumer transparency and choice.

Using the AdChoices Icon

Implementation is easy. To use the AdChoices Icon on your webpages:

  1. If you have not already done so, create a Quantcast account.
  2. In Quantcast, click Generate a Tag. Note that you do not need to re-deploy your Quantcast tag if you have already implemented this tag on your web properties.
  3. Under AdChoices Icon, check Display the AdChoices Icon on your site.
  4. Enter your information. Click Get HTML.
  5. Paste the HTML into the code of each page that you want to feature the icon, wherever on the page you would like it to appear. (The icon tag is separate from the Quantcast measurement tag. To use the measurement service and the icon, both tags must be used.)

You should place the icon across all your pages and everywhere the Quantcast tag is placed. You can place the icon anywhere on your pages, although Quantcast recommends placing it in the footer of each page.

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