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Unprecedented Display Campaign Performance for Travel Company All Season Parks Brings 800 Percent ROAS


  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) of four times higher than target—800 percent vs. 200 percent
  • Increased brand awareness and provided uplift for other channels
  • Quantcast delivered almost 20 percent of customers with just 5 percent of budget

The Need for Brand Awareness in a Highly Saturated Market
All Season Parks is a holiday home and holiday village chain, operating in three locations across Germany. Due to the nature of a highly saturated market and a limited level of brand awareness, rivalry for online customers is fierce and previous display campaigns had not driven incremental sales. All Season Parks had recognised that online brand awareness needed to improve in order to drive bookings. In addition, All Season Parks currently runs an affiliate marketing programme. Therefore, defining a fair and correct attribution model was essential in order to ensure that fair credit was given to each channel and All Season Parks could measure true ROI with complete transparency.

Quantcast has delivered excellent results throughout the campaign, with a return on ad spend significantly higher than the goal that was set. Quantcast has proven to me that display advertising can actually drive tangible results, not only generate clicks. The account team provided me with very valuable insights on attribution and helped define a customized attribution solution.”

Andrea Stuff, Director, All Season Parks

Using Quantcast Brand Campaigns Leads to Targeting New Ideal Customers
To raise brand awareness for All Season Parks, a campaign was implemented to increase traffic to the website using data collected by tags on the booking request and booking confirmation pages. The campaign successfully improved brand awareness through its targeted reach.

In order to capitalise on the increase in brand awareness and drive new sales, All Season Parks then implemented a Complete Targeting campaign. Quantcast built a custom audience profile based on All Season Parks’ top customers from the brand awareness campaign. By measuring the behaviour of millions of individual customers, Quantcast determined which web users were most likely to convert. Quantcast’s Big Data and Predictive Intelligence technology was then able to predict audience behaviour, allowing Quantcast to target All Season Parks’ ideal online audience, all in real time.

Providing an alternative to mainstream attribution solutions, Quantcast helped All Season Parks to measure performance of the online display campaign using its Split Funnel Attribution model. The Split Funnel Attribution model is unique in that it spreads credit across both prospecting and retargeting efforts, as opposed to just rewarding the last touch before conversion. This enabled the media team at All Season Parks to understand their consumers’ path to conversion and see how prospecting and retargeting work together to drive incremental sales.

The Results:
The brand campaign and complete targeting campaign, combined with appropriate attribution methodology, produced unprecedented uplift. All Season Parks are now able to manage affiliate and RTB display with greater efficiency. Highlights include:

  • ROAS of 800 percent compared to the goal of 200 percent
  • Quantcast delivered almost 20 percent of customers with just 5 percent of the brand’s overall budget
  • Uplift observed in all other channels as a result of Quantcast’s activity

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