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Undertone Uses Audience Segments To Offer Campaign Reporting


Undertone, a global digital advertising network, provides an array of well-known brands with outstanding advertising experiences. However, in a highly saturated market, Undertone sought to provide additional value to their advertisers in order to stand out against competitors.


Undertone used Quantcast Measure’s Audience Segments feature to understand the audiences their campaigns reach.

  • Campaign Reporting. By implementing the Quantcast Measure pixel on their creative, Undertone is able to get reporting on each of their campaigns, which in turn becomes added value audience insights for their advertisers.
  • Custom Tagging Structure. Measure’s flexible tagging structure allows Undertone to structure their reporting by advertiser, by campaign or by publisher.
  • Deep Insights. In addition to standard demographic reporting such as age, gender or geographic location, Undertone can also provide detailed reporting on their audience’s browsing habits and interests.


When pitching potential advertisers and clients, Undertone can use Quantcast Measure to offer campaign reporting with accurate and consultative insights into their target audiences, at no additional cost.

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