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Smoother Sailing for Ferry Bookings

Six Times ROI and a 44% CPA decrease!

The Challenge
MyFerryLink is the newest ferry operator on the popular Dover to Calais route and began operations in August 2012. The fleet consists of two superferries and one dedicated freight ship that collectively supports up to 16 crossings per day between France and England.

To grow its online business, MyFerryLink sought a display advertising vendor that could drive high volumes, while maintaining the company’s target cost per acquisition (CPA).

The Solution
Quantcast worked with the client to build a real-time custom audience profile based on the highest-value MyFerryLink converters. Combining its Beyond Big data set and Predictive Intelligence, Quantcast matched the custom profile against its real-time view of the web to find and reach the closest matches, adapting to seasonal changes in real time.

The Results
Consistently trending below the CPA goal and reducing it by 44%, Quantcast also:

  • Achieved an ROI of 6x.
  • Targeted 99% of new prospects throughout the campaign
  • Became the sole partner on the plan.
  • Drove more than 3,000 conversions in three months.

Quantcast exceeded our expectations by delivering 44% below our target CPA goal.

Laurie Glover, Head of Digital, MyFerryLink

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