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Security Conscious: Acquiring New Customers For Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab’s products and technologies protect computers and mobile devices belonging to over 400 million end consumers, making Kaspersky Lab the largest global private supplier of endpoint security solutions.


  • To drive quality traffic to Kaspersky Lab’s website
  • To acquire brand-new converting customers

Information about our customers’ purchasing behaviour is a key success factor for display campaigns, provided that the data is of high quality and is used correctly. The excellent ROAS of our campaign with Quantcast clearly demonstrates this.”

Georg Ass, Online Sales, Kaspersky Lab
  • Driving conversions for specific products such as Kaspersky Internet Security


Pinpointing Ideal Audiences: Quantcast identified Kaspersky Lab’s ideal target audiences in various countries, and continuously adapted them based on users’ real-time behaviour.
Influencing Conversions: Quantcast found potential customer groups that looked like the existing converting audience, and then targeted these users with display ads touting Kaspersky Internet Security to drive conversions.


Quantcast was the sole prospecting partner on the plan, and delivered:

  • ROAS 396%, against the campaign target of 300%
  • Efficient use of budget for Kaspersky

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