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Quantcast’s mobile targeting delivers lower CPA for Satsuma


Satsuma Loans, part of Provident Financial, is an online loan provider offering short term loans.
Satsuma’s industry is extremely competitive. For the average consumer, it is difficult to know what provider to select. This can be particularly stressful for consumers as loan services relate to a highly personal situation and the industry suffers from a lack of trust.
In order to build trust with consumers, and grow its position on the market, Satsuma needs to continually articulate its values and advertise its services to new customers.


At the end of 2016 Satsuma and Quantcast analysed the Satsuma audience. It was then apparent that the majority of the conversions driven by Quantcast occurred on mobile.
In order to check some hypothesis on the nature of the audience, Satsuma wanted to test a different balance of device delivery.

As an online business, it is of paramount importance that we communicate & market to customers on the platforms and devices they are engaged with. Working with Quantcast, we were able to significantly reduce our CPA on mobile devices through our Display Channel, enabling us to get a better return on our marketing investment.”

Rob Bland, Senior Acquisitions Manager, Provident Financial


In order to evaluate the impact of device delivery on Satsuma’s audience, Quantcast ran 2 different campaign flights:

  • One where the mobile and desktop targeting lines were separate and the budget was purposefully controlled manually with an initial budget split of 58% going to mobile and 42% going to desktop.
  • The second, controlled by Quantcast’s intelligent modelling, where the budget was dynamically allocated by technology.


The campaign flight with the delivery automated by Quantcast’s algorithms performed a 9% better than the campaign flight where the budget was split by humans.
The machine’s targeting leaned more heavily on mobile with an allocation of 83% towards mobile and 17% towards desktop.
The CPA on mobile as handled by Quantcast’s intelligent modelling was 31% lower than on desktop, showing that dynamic allocation yields the best results.

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