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Quantcast Helps Palms Casino Resort Drive Bookings

As a leading luxury casino resort in the competitive Las Vegas hotel industry, the Palms Casino Resort was looking to increase the number of high-value bookings through its website while achieving the best possible efficiency for its media dollars. The Palms partnered with Quantcast for help in maximising both the effectiveness and scale of its display advertising investment.

Using its own massive and proprietary data set, Quantcast modelled the media consumption behaviours of the consumers who were successfully booking on the Palms’ website and applied this data directly via real-time bidding to efficiently find and convert new customers across the web.

To significantly amplify the reach and immediacy of this unique approach, Quantcast then added Facebook Exchange (FBX) to identify ideal prospects among Facebook’s more than 140 million highly engaged US users and drive them through to purchase. Quantcast continually updated its models to reach the right users, at the right time and the right frequency across Facebook.

Quantcast’s real-time, data- driven approach helped us unlock the full potential of both the Facebook Exchange and standard display exchanges to efficiently drive new bookings.

Robyn Phelan, Interactive Marketing Manager

The Results:
Quantcast’s ability to prospect and convert new customers at scale combined with the reach and engagement of Facebook’s audience delivered impressive results:

  • Overall, Quantcast outperformed the Palms’ other display partners across both FBX and standard display exchanges, delivering 50% of all bookings with only 25% of spending.
  • After extending its Quantcast Advertise campaign to Facebook, the Palms saw an 87% increase in bookings in the first two weeks, while overall cost per booking decreased by 33%.
Key Take Aways

  • Quantcast’s use of real-time data and powerful predictive models allows us to find and convert new customers for marketers like never before.
  • By adding the Facebook Exchange, Quantcast can efficiently amplify reach to drive conversions of new customers at scale.

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