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Quantcast furnishes Gautier with new leads


French brand Gautier, a contemporary furniture retailer, worked in collaboration with La Compagnie Hyperactive and Quantcast to attract brand new consumers to enter an online competition hosted on their site.


Gautier wanted to find consumers who are interested in the brand and who would also enter the competition. The competition enabled Gautier to collect leads, so getting more qualified consumers to participate in the competition was essential.

Quantcast found and targeted new users who went on to participate in the competition. We are happy with the leads achieved from this display campaign. For events and competitions we need to push, Quantcast always delivers desired results.”

Julien Gauducheau, Responsable Communication, Gautier


Complete Targeting: By placing a pixel on the confirmation page, Gautier’s competition entrants were identified. Quantcast then found other users across the web displaying similar behaviours, and showed them display ads to entice them to take part in the competition.

Real-time Capabilities: As more new users entered the competition, models were updated in real-time to reflect the changing behaviours of competition entrants.

Audience Insights: Quantcast provided insights on consumer search behaviour, demographics and conversion data, which helped Gautier learn more about their new leads.

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