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Packed with Value for German Charity Packmee

Quantcast Display Campaigns Are Packed with Value for German Charity Packmee, Driving up to 30% Increase in Conversions, 50% Below CPA Goal


  • Packmee aims to change the way charity donations are made in Germany by providing consumers with a way to download a shipping label to send their donations directly to the charity rather than depositing donations in a street container
  • Facing fierce competition from rival charities, Packmee decided to use online display advertising to drive incremental donations and selected Quantcast as one of its first-ever partners
  • In just one month, Packmee saw a 30% increase in conversions from Quantcast Advertise, more than 50% below cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goal
  • Quantcast’s unique real-time web-wide view of activity and custom audience profiling capabilities meant that 94% of prospects delivered to the site for the first time converted during that initial visit

Changing the Habits of a Lifetime
Packmee is a German charity that turns clothing donations into monetary donations by collecting clothes, footwear, glasses and hearing aids; selecting between the good- and bad-quality donations; and selling the good ones to the world market while recycling the ones of bad quality. Packmee’s innovative donation system allows consumers to download shipping labels from the Packmee website and send their packages directly to Packmee. The money raised with the clothing donations goes directly to one of the charity’s supported partners, such as Care Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.; Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e.V., a German charity backed by RTL, the German TV channel; and Hilfswerk der Deutschen Lions e.V. Packmee also works directly with big international brands, such as S. Oliver and Weight Watchers, which support Packmee by generating donations. Traditionally, clothes donations in Germany have been made by depositing items in containers on located on streets. Packmee is the most cost-efficient clothes donation system in Germany, eliminating the need for containers and container shipping. Changing the way a nation makes clothes donations is challenging, and the clothes donation market in Germany is highly competitive, with many charities all competing for the nation’s donations. Packmee has made good progress entering the market but wants to grow its market share through incremental downloads of shipping labels.

A Brave New World
Packmee had not previously run online advertising activity but had relied on partner marketing efforts to drive donations. In order to drive incremental donations, executives decided to invest a test budget into online advertising. Packmee chose to work with Quantcast because of its unique solution combining a real-time map of web activity and Predictive Intelligence, which interprets individual behaviours, movements and subtle signals invisible to all other vendors and links them with billions of prior observations.

In order to identify new prospects online, Quantcast tags were deployed on the Packmee website. This enabled Quantcast to build a custom audience profile of existing Packmee donors. Predictive Intelligence then modelled the custom audience profile against the Internet population to find people who display the most data points in common with current customers.

Quantcast Advertise then acted on these insights to influence the journey of Packmee’s prospects (those who had never been to the Packmee website) through tailored ad delivery at exactly the right moments to move them through the conversion funnel until they fulfilled the campaign objective, in this case downloading a shipping label. This process never ends because Quantcast’s models continue to adjust based on constantly changing web behaviours, meaning that Quantcast is capable of driving incremental donations week after week.

The Results:
Packmee’s first-ever online display campaign was a success. Quantcast Advertise performed well, exceeding all three campaign objectives:

  • Up to 30% increase in download volumes in one month
  • CPA average more than 50% below CPA goal
  • A shipping label was downloaded by 94% of prospects driven to the site by Quantcast on their first visit


We have been very positively surprised by the outcome of the campaign, our first display experience. The relationship with the team was always very engaged and friendly. The constant optimisation during the campaign, as well as the contact time we had, has been a true success and a good learning experience. The enthusiasm of the team and the positive results have really convinced us of Quantcast’s worth.

Marco Solá, Managing Director and Founder, Packmee

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