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Nissan targets an exclusive audience


Nissan is an innovative auto manufacturer. This innovation can be found in the design of its vehicles, in its dealerships and also in its communication strategy. To promote the JUKE and highlight its anti-conformist character and its fearless style, Nissan decided to partner with Tin-Tin, one of the most famous Parisian tattoo artists.

The concept was to tattoo the Nissan JUKE at a global tattoo conference to make a statement about the urban nature of the vehicle and associate with the lifestyle.


In addition to being present at the tattoo conference, Nissan had other media partnerships in place to increase awareness. But the principal challenge was to influence the public to have maximum on-target reach and boost awareness about the initiative.


Quantcast Brand Audiences: Collaborating with Quantcast was key for Nissan to find the diverse audiences attending the conference, in the digital universe. The Quantcast solution establishes the link between Search intent and consumer behaviour prior to that expressed intent.

First a dictionary of tattoo-related terms was created to identify online consumers, interested in tattoos, using 6 keywords: “male tattoo”, “female tattoo”, “tin-tin tattoo”, “tattoo conference”, “mondial du tatouage” (name of the conference). This led to the identification of 15,000 cookies.

Then, Quantcast used lookalike modelling to find more individuals like the people identified through the first step. Using Quantcast Brand Audiences, this newly identified audience was targeted using high impact brand and display formats.

The campaign reached more than 500,000 people.

Using lookalike modelling, we were able to find more people to target and significantly increase the reach of our campaign. This unique programmatic solution enabled us to find our audience in the digital universe, address branding challenges and execute on our brand awareness strategy.”

Agathe Viaud, Digital Section Manager


Thanks to the insights provided by Quantcast on consumer behaviour, demographic segmentation and conversion profiles, Nissan was able to fully understand the nature of the audience who was exposed to the campaign.

The campaign insights provided by Quantcast are always very interesting. They enable us to confirm that we are targeting the right audience. We also use these insights to inform our marketing teams internally and improve our various branding communications.”

Agathe Viaud, Digital Section Manager

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