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National Rail Enquiries Gains More Insight Into Their App Audience


National Rail Enquiries is one of the top ten digital destinations in the UK, with 17 million visitors last year and 1.3 million app users every month. Rail travelers use NRE for real-time departure information, trip planning and more. NRE uses Quantcast audience profiles and traffic data to attract direct ad placements to its website. NRE wanted the same for its apps.

We combine Quantcast’s app measurement data with our qualitative research to gain invaluable insights into user behaviour — insights that help us grow revenues.”

Jonathan McCauley-Oliver Online Sales Manager


NRE chose Quantcast Measure for its app audience measurement, completing the SDK integration in one day. By pairing data from Quantcast Measure with qualitative research, NRE discovered exciting insights about its mobile app audience:

  • Usage Frequency: Mobile app users used NRE apps twice as frequently as desktop users, and 50% more frequently than mobile web users.
  • User Retention: NRE apps retained users significantly longer than the average app.
  • Feature Usage: App events showed that the real-time departure information was the most popular feature, garnering 20% more usage than the trip planning function.


Evaluating its app insights together, NRE concluded that unlike its website, its apps were used most frequently for real-time departure information by commuters in transit and in rail stations. NRE had extended its audience reach outside the home, opening up new monetisation opportunities with advertisers looking to reach valuable commuter audiences.

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