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Jurys Inn Prove the Power of Display Advertising With an ROI of 361% and Significantly Improving Search Performance

We have been working with agenda21 for years and they recommended testing Quantcast. Soon after the first display test, Quantcast became a trusted partner for our advertising.
We’ve seen a significant return on investment and are very encouraged by the overall impact of the campaign on our marketing mix, not just ROI. We can now use these insights to make actionable decisions about our marketing plan moving forward.

Carol Walker, Online Marketing and Ecommerce Manager, Jurys Inn


  • Jurys Inn aimed to increase the volume of direct bookings on their website, as this channel ensures customers receive the best price guarantee and free premium WiFi services. The primary campaign goal was to drive incremental sales and therefore revenue, whilst building the Jurys Inn brand.
  • Quantcast and agenda21 sought to prove the value of display advertising through ROI. Additionally, the campaign sought to measure display’s impact on search, for both PPC and SEO.


The travel marketplace is a saturated and highly competitive industry. Jurys Inn strived to increase its sales amongst  both business travellers and family holiday goers, ultimately  to enhance sales volume and drive incremental revenue.


Quantcast and agenda21 created a custom tagging solution to measure the impact display had on incremental sales, as well  as PPC and organic search. The custom tagging solution on Jurys Inn website enabled the measurement of display’s impact on search.


The results not only showed the impact that display had on overall ROI but answered a question that most marketers are struggling to answer – how does one marketing channel (display) influence another (PPC and Organic search)? This has led to a wider discussion about how to integrate future campaigns to see the most effective results.

  • Achieved an increase in ROI of 361%
  • Quantcast Targeting influenced over 31% of Jurys Inn’s online sales
  • Customers who saw a display ad were:-
    • 60% more likely to convert through an organic search
    • 50% more likely to convert through a branded search

By using Quantcast we were able to really rely on their expertise and technology to deliver a custom solution for our client. This campaign has been a success since day one and we look forward to a stronger partnership throughout 2015.

Antti Mäki, Business Director, agenda21


Jurys Inn not only achieved an ROI of 361%, but also off the back of Quantcast’s detailed audience insights, Jurys Inn enhanced their website content strategy by building pages catering to sports fans. Check out more here.

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