Advertise — Travel acquires new customers by integrating online-offline data


  • is one of the UK’s leading travel comparison websites. It generates call and click leads for its 20+ travel agent advertisers
  • Constantly punching above its weight in terms of spontaneous brand awareness, relies on strong partners to help further fuel its brand-led marketing strategy


Our partnership with Quantcast is delivering really strong performance, providing both high volumes of calls and low CPAs. Quantcast Measure and the audience insights within it have been a hugely valuable customer insight resource and we’ve been able to feed this into all of our other marketing and planning.”

Ross Matthews Chief Marketing Officer,


  • continues to optimise the balance between brand awareness and direct response activities across its online and offline marketing
  • Increasingly, the aim is to find upper funnel channels targeting new prospects and turning them into customers in the most efficient way


  • Complete Targeting: used Quantcast to generate leads as well as for remarketing. They’ve seen performance consistently coming in that betters their target KPIs
  • Audience Scaling: Custom tracking integration allowed Quantcast to build a bespoke performance model, facilitating scaling of activity driving high value and high quality calls
  • Audience Insights: Quantcast Measure and the audience insights derived from it have been a hugely valuable. have been able to feed this into all of their other marketing, planning and strategy


  • More than 3x call volumes in 4 months
  • CPA less than 50% of the target
  • Attributed CPAs better than Paid Search

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