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Fitflop finds and converts new audience at scale


Fitflop wants to become the world’s most addictive footwear brand while always putting their customers at the heart of the company strategy.
Supported by increased marketing investment, the company’s objective is to re-position the brand with a new message in front of a new audience.


Fitflop wanted to implement a demographic, psychographic and behavioural data-driven strategy to reach a completely new audience.
The marketing initiative should focus on a younger, trendier demographic that would allow the company to achieve its objectives while remaining cost-effective and ROI-positive.

We have been working with Quantcast for the past two years and seen increasingly good results across both brand and direct response campaigns. Whether we optimise for CPA or ROAS, Quantcast consistently delivers on all our objectives.”

John Sadeghipoor, Head of Digital Marketing, Fitflop


Quantcast Brand Audiences: To best reach new lifestyle audiences, Fitflop made use of Quantcast’s search powered audiences targeting allowing them to associate the brand with specific behavioural and lifestyle choices of their audience, thus broadening their reach at the top of the funnel.
Complete Targeting: Once the awareness campaign on track, the next objective was to convert the new audience by accompanying them through the funnel all the way from prospection to conversion.
Audience Insights: Using data from its Measure tool, Quantcast provided insights on the converting audience. Fitflop used reports on demographics, search terms and first visit conversion rate to inform its media strategy across other media channels.

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