Fashion Brand Closed Finds New Customers


The fashion industry is very fast and extremely competitive. In this environment, Closed was looking to create awareness for its brand and in particular for its new fall/winter collection.

Alongside these branding objectives, Closed also wanted to win net new customer for the brand and boost the sales with its online shop.

In the past, the brand mainly relied on Offline channels, direct buys and social media for its Marketing

Thanks to Quantcast‘s full funnel approach, we were able to grow the number of prospects for our website and significantly improve our performance.”

Andrea Thiele, Vice-Director of Marketing, Closed


Individual, Dynamic Audience Profile

In order to build a profile of the ideal customer, Closed implemented the Quantcast tag in its online shop. Quantcast used the behavioral information collected, in real-time, to build a profile of the brand’s best customers.

The profile was then used as a blueprint to reach new prospect via display advertising.

Throughout the course of the campaign, the profile of the ideal Closed customer was updated automatically and in real-time, so that the campaign reached only the most relevant consumers. This also ensured that the campaign budget was used efficiently.

Full Funnel Advertising

The main goal of Closed was to attract new consumers to its online shop. And naturally, they wanted the prospects to convert, resulting in a boost in sales.

To align with this dual objective, Quantcast provided a combination of high quality prospecting with a balanced share of retargeting. First, Quantcast reached out to prospects with the Closed banner and led them to the website. If the prospects didn‘t convert at the first site visit, Quantcast used a well-balanced retargeting approach to address them again and support a sale.


Campaign Reach

With the advertising campaign, Quantcast reached over 3 million new prospects for Closed.

Audience Quality

Quantcast reached a very valuable audience: visitors influenced by Quantcast, showed a 20% longer dwell time and a 31% lower bounce rate than site average.

Budget Efficiency

Quantcast achieved the results whilst using the advertising budget efficiently. The cos-per-acquisition for the campaign was 2.7 times lower than the goal set by Closed.

  • 3 Million prospects found
  • 7x Lower CPA than client goal
  • +11% Increase in direct type-in’s to website

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