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Europeiska ERV Acquires New Customers Through Unique Insights


  • Drive qualified traffic to Europeiska ERV’s website
  • Increase conversions from new customers


  • Influence customers towards converting at exactly the right time in their decision process
  • Increase brand presence online by finding new target audiences

We are impressed with the level of information Quantcast provides. Insights into conversion analysis, such as the amount of time taken, the best time of day/week, and the frequency of ads, all help in our display advertising plan.

Joacim Sandström, Online Manager, Europeiska ERV


  • Custom Modelling – Quantcast identified users who looked most like Europeiska ERV’s most valuable customers, and targeted these users with display ads to influence site visits and ultimately conversions.
  • Conversion Analysis Quantcast identified the best time of day and week for conversions, and analysed user behaviour leading to conversions, both of which were optimised towards to when targeting new customers.

The Quantcast campaign delivered:

  • 529% ROAS
  • New prospects 2.5x more likely to convert
  • 86% CPA decrease

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