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Dewynters drives new prospects for The Bodyguard


After an impressive opening in London and a very successful UK tour, The Bodyguard the Musical was returning to London for a limited season ahead of an international tour.

They engaged Dewynters, an agency with unparalleled expertise in advertising in the entertainment sector, to build up awareness about the show and educate their audience about what was unique about it.

The expectations were naturally high, no seat should go unfilled.


In order to boost the volume of online sales for The Bodyguard before the opening, the Dewynters team decided to partner with Quantcast.

Quantcast was able to identify the ticket buying audience for The Bodyguard, map their digital consumer journey and find more people like them. Quantcast then targeted these users with direct response advertising.

Quantcast’s view of “the best customer” evolved in real-time to ensure that the pool of prospect was ever reflective of changes in consumer and purchaser behaviour.


The Dewynters team used the audience insights reports provided by Quantcast to understand who were the typical ticket buyers, what their interests were, what devices they used and more.

Dewynters then used this new understanding of The Bodyguard’s ticket purchasers for advertising planning and to create innovative targeting tactics.

The Dewynters team used this information to influence how they target similar people outdoors in London when they are out and about.

This also enabled us to maximise the impact of our offline advertising efforts. With high-impact offline ads we could build awareness. With the digital prospecting campaign, we could re-ignite this awareness and capture sales online. This activity closed the loop on the advertising cycle.”

Ben Portnoi Head of Digital, Dewynters


The campaign delivered using Quantcast attracted 993,000 new prospects from February to July.

The prospects attracted by Quantcast had a 4.5x higher conversion rate than average. 80% of the converters prospected through the campaign bought tickets on their first visit to the site. The results lead to an ROI increase in 575% for the duration of the campaign.

The campaign enabled Dewynters to maximise the results of the multi-channel strategy that they had developed specifically for The Bodyguard. The Bodyguard team is now confident in the power of digital which led to increased levels of Media investment to keep driving the popularity of the show.

The fact that 80% of the targeted audience converted on the first site visit shows the quality of the prospection. This achievement was a validation of our investment in digital to make our client successful. We were really happy with the results. They speak for themselves.”

Melissa Hunt Digital Media Manager, Dewynters

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