Cancer Research Engages Audiences with Mediacom and Quantcast


With the leading agency Mediacom, Cancer Research launched the campaign ‘Cancer is Happening Right Now’, featuring stories that bring to life the reality that at any time, somebody is battling cancer. They wanted to launch a digital campaign to increase awareness of the brand message that ‘cancer is happening right now’, which could help them to drive awareness and donations.

From the start of this campaign we had exceptional support from Quantcast, so we were assured everything was in safe hands. Their recommendations were logical and they were honest with their feedback throughout. We’re delighted with the results of this campaign and are ready to take the learnings on the next campaign.”

James Donovan, Digital Manager Mediacom UK


Brand Audiences

First, Quantcast identified common search terms associated with charitable causes and the fight against cancer. Quantcast and Mediacom worked hand in hand to ensure that the identified personas were aligned with Cancer Research’s core audience but also included relevant profiles.The personas were then used to identify and target individuals with a similar psychographic profile and similar online behavior.

In addition, the audience reached via the video campaign was also retargeted to anchor the brand message and drive consideration.

Video & Display 

In order to drive engagement, potential donors were exposed to the “Cancer is Happening Right Now” videos. In addition, the audience reached via the video campaign was also exposed to display ads to anchor the brand message.

Brand Uplift Study

Mediacom implemented a thorough brand uplift study using Millward Brown. The objective was to offer a comprehensive report on the performance of the campaign and insights to Cancer Research.


The digital the campaign showed a positive story, inspiring participation and donation and driving affinity. The formats chosen for the campaign enabled the message to land for the targeted audience. The re-targeting strategy was crucial in delivering this positive brand response. Multiple exposures across creatives enabled the message to cut-through.

The video ads landed the emotional messaging and connected to a deeper level with people. This resulted in significant uplifts in consideration, +12.2%, and affinity, +12%. People exposed to the video felt more engaged to join the fight against cancer, +14%.


In addition, the insights on the audience helped Mediacom further orient the creative strategy.

The emotional videos were very effective with the female audience. However, males found the stories sometimes too charged or shocking and expressed preference for more information-based videos.

Mediacom recommended having different creative approaches for the different demographics the campaign is intended to reach and engage with.

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