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Bugaboo leverages Quantcast’s real-time data to drive purchase intent


Bugaboo is a Dutch company specialising in strollers and luggage with an innovative design and technology, selling in over 50 countries.

Bugaboo’s baby strollers are not your average strollers. They create create game-changing products with unexpected functionalities that transform personal mobility. As a result, Bugaboo’s audience also has its particularities. They typically attract individuals with high incomes who are interested in luxury products.


When it comes to baby strollers, historically, US consumers have been opting for cheaper alternatives. Only a small part of the population sees the real value in buying premium strollers. This makes the US market more challenging for brands such as Bugaboo, who provide premium products.

In order to boost its brand awareness and shift consumer mindset, Bugaboo needed a reliable partner that could help them better understand their market; influence their target audience in the US; and measure the resulting uplift in purchase intent.

The particularity of the US market brought unique challenges. We required a reliable partner that could help us efficiently reach our audience by using real-time data, measuring results and providing valuable insights. Quantcast technology demonstrated great potential and we selected them as our sole partner on plan. Results have been outstanding and we will leverage their insights for our future strategies.”

Leon Wharton Global Digital Marketing Manager, Bugaboo


Brand Audience: Bugaboo used Quantcast’s solution to effectively reach and connect with their niche audience of women in their late pregnancy life-stage, at scale. The solution leveraged intent and interest signals in real-time to find the right consumers to influence.

Brand Uplift Study: to help Bugaboo measure the campaign’s impact on their audience, Quantcast ran a Brand Uplift Study in collaboration with Nielsen.


The campaign reached 7 million new in-target individuals. Results showed a 30% increase in purchase intent among the target audience. This was particularly noticeable on those undecided customers who ‘probably’ or ’may or may not’ be likely to purchase a Bugaboo Stroller in the next 6 months. Their lift in purchase intent was 234% and 91% respectively.

The study demonstrated the positive impact and accuracy of Quantcast targeting in reaching potential customers to create awareness and influence them before they reach the critical decision-making stage.

Bugaboo also used data to validate effectiveness of different creative ads. They tested a tailored message for US with emphasis on Life-stage, versus a global standard ad which highlighted product features. Surprisingly the localised ad drove a 40% higher purchase intent shift. Moving forward Bugaboo will continue to test various communication messages tailored for each country.

And thanks to Quantcast’s solution, Bugaboo obtained unexpected and actionable insights on its audience demographics and behaviours, useful for driving future marketing strategies.

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