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Belambra Influences Holidaymakers to Take a Break

French holiday provider Belambra offers family and couple holidays in 58 different locations throughout France. The brand ensures every club is situated in unspoilt and tranquil settings, ranging from the French Riviera to the ski slopes of Tignes. Belambra works with Quantcast as part of its marketing mix to ensure efficient display advertising.


  • To find new customers online, and ultimately to drive revenue directly through the Belambra website.

We worked with Quantcast for their prospecting ability; we are really pleased with the results achieved after a successful campaign. We also found the insights that Quantcast provided extremely useful, allowing us to see a more granular picture of our ideal converting customers.”

Lionel Lavayssière, Director of Direct Sales, Belambra
  • Many advertisers target a mass segment and hope within that segment there are users who are not only interested in the brand’s offering, but who will also convert. In a market saturated with competitors, Belambra sought to pinpoint users that were both interested in Belambra and most likely to make a conversion.


Finding the Ideal Customer: Belambra and Quantcast analysed users who booked a holiday via Belambra’s website. This formed a clear picture of the ideal converting customer, and Quantcast then set about finding brand new customers just like them.

Relevant Targeting: These identified users were then targeted with display ads to influence a holiday booking. Pinpointing ideal customers meant that only users who were interested in the brand were targeted, rather than the masses.

Negative Targeting: Customers who had recently purchased from Belambra as a result of Quantcast activity were not shown ads. The focus was on in-market users only, which resulted in avoiding any brand damage from irrelevant advertising.

  • CPA decrease of 50%
  • Sole prospecting partner
  • Doubled the conversion rate

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