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Attracting New Customers for Telecommunication Giant O2 With Pinpoint Accuracy

Mediavest and Quantcast Partner to Attract New Customers for Telecommunication Giant O2 With Pinpoint Accuracy


  • Against a highly competitive background of real-time display advertising, Mediavest leveraged Quantcast’s audience profiling technology to better understand and reach O2’s customers
  • Quantcast was able to find and target net new customers who had not previously engaged with the O2 website through modelling audience data collected directly from the O2 website
  • 90% of visitors to the website were new to O2
  • The campaign consistently beat the CPA target and at times was 25% below target

How Can Brands Use Existing Customer Data to Acquire New, Profitable Customers?
O2 is a leading telecommunications company with over 1.5 million customers as of July 2013. O2 offer consumers Bill Pay, Prepay, SIM Only and Mobile Broadband products, all of which can be bought online. O2 also offers existing customers an online interface where they can check their bill or credit use and view product information. They work with leading media agency Mediavest to advertise their products online. A key objective for O2 is to drive new customer acquisition for their Prepay SIM product. To do this effectively through display advertising would require a thorough understanding of the demographics and online behaviour of existing customers in order to target similar people, who are not existing O2 customers. Over the past five years there has been an explosion of new products and plans offered by highly competitive telecommunications providers. This means that the vertical is highly congested, with many advertisers trying to attract the same people.

From Zero to Hero
Mediavest recommended using Quantcast’s real-time display advertising solution as part of a multichannel approach to acquire new customers. Quantcast tags were placed on the confirmation page of O2’s website. These tags captured anonymised demographic and online behavioural information about O2’s best customers. This meant that Mediavest had an up-to-date profile of the demographics and online interests of O2’s top customers. Quantcast then applied its Predictive Intelligence and modelled the entirety of the Internet population against the custom audience profile that had been built for O2.

Through its unparalleled reach across the Internet, Quantcast was able to match the custom audience profile of the target consumer against its real-time view of the web to find new, ideal prospects. With Complete Targeting, Quantcast looked at behaviours specific to each consumer in the context of their total journey, in order to perceive different levels of purchase intent and influence potential customers all the way through their path to conversion. Quantcast’s insights into audience behaviour work in concert with both prospecting and retargeting tactics to tailor ad delivery to the unique conversion path for each and every consumer.

The Results:
Quantcast worked with Mediavest to build a real-time audience model of O2’s best customers using Quantcast’s massive proprietary data set and the carrier’s first-party data. Combining its Beyond Big data set and Predictive Intelligence, Quantcast was able to find new prospects at the right times and places to generate incremental conversions.

  • Over 90% of the people reached by Quantcast were new to O2
  • O2 consistently beat its CPA goal by up to 25%

Quantcast exceeded our expectations. Their ability to convert new customers in a more cost-effective way has allowed us to achieve a healthy ROI. The post-campaign reports gave valuable added insights, which will feed into other aspects of our strategy going forward.

Briain Curtin, Digital Marketing Manager, O2 Telefonica

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