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Aktion Mensch sells more lottery tickets to support social projects


Aktion Mensch funds social projects and campaigns supporting inclusion; with the self-evident coexistence of people with and without disabilities in our society. Over the past five decades, Aktion Mensch has donated more than 3.9 billion Euro. This was made possible by the fact that some 4 million people regularly participate in the Aktion Mensch lottery.

In order to promote the sale of lottery tickets to support donations, Aktion Mensch decided to partner with Quantcast.


The campaign was designed to boost sales of tickets for the Aktion Mensch lottery and to expand the existing customer base using advertising, in a cost-effective manner.

Our partnership with Quantcast enables us to achieve excellent advertising results. Quantcast regularly delivers one of the best Return On Ad Spend for our performance campaigns.“

Gunnar Czarnecki, Head of Media, Aktion Mensch e.V.


A tailored Audience: Aktion Mensch implemented the Quantcast tag on numerous pages of its website to build a holistic image of its best customers. Based on the insights collected, Quantcast created an audience profile for Aktion Mensch. This profile was updated live, as the behaviour of Aktion Mensch’s customers changed over the course of the campaign.

Addressing potential lottery participants: The customer profile built and adjusted constantly by Quantcast  was the blueprint for targeting. It was used to find relevant users on the Internet, address them on mobile and on desktop in order to influence them to buy tickets for the lottery on the website. Consumers that didn’t convert on the first site visit were then remarketed to, using selective retargeting.

The insights provided by Quantcast on our customers help us optimise our campaigns across whole the marketing plan.“

Gunnar Czarnecki, Head of Media, Aktion Mensch e.V.


Quantcast drove over a thousand conversions over a 3 week window and delivered over 50% more value against all relevant sales KPI’s than the others partners on plan.

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