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8.1 Percent Increase in Year-on-Year Sales for Shopping Centre Giant Bluewater

The Challenge: Bluewater in the Midst of Competition

Bluewater is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe. Its out-of-town location, combined with the arrival and popularity of Westfield Stratford, means that maintaining footfall is a constant challenge. Bluewater and Blue Tiger Marketing implemented a strategic plan including online programmatic advertising to ensure footfall and sales did not suffer. By using display, a target audience can be reached and influenced, ultimately resulting in conversions (visits to the shopping centre). Bluewater worked with Quantcast to ensure impressions were delivered to the right audience at the right time.

From working with Quantcast, we have seen impressive results. Sales are up each month YOY, meaning we are driving the right kind of people to Bluewater through accurate targeting. I’m looking forward to further campaigns with Quantcast.”

Joanna Waterman, Marketing & Communications Manager, Bluewater

The Solution: Finding and Targeting New Customers with the Help of Big Data

Quantcast built a custom audience profile, which identified Bluewater’s best-performing online customers. These were customers who visited the “What’s On” page, which detailed all of the current events and news. Bluewater hoped an online visit to the “What’s On” page would influence a visit to the shopping centre. Quantcast matched this model to its comprehensive map of web activity to reach the highest-value matches. The model continued to adjust based on constantly changing web behaviours. This pinpointed the ideal customer, which Quantcast targeted with tailored ads – all in real time.

The Results

  • Bluewater reported consistent uplift across multiple metrics
  • Q2 2014 campaign –
    • Page views increased by 320 percent
    • Bounce rate decreased by 58 percent
    • Year-on-year sales increased by 8.1 percent (2.2 percent for the UK as a whole)
  • Bluewater ran continual, always-on campaigns with Quantcast

Quantcast’s technology has proven itself in terms of performance; Bluewater achieved 195% uplift in webtraffic to the ‘What’s On’ page as well as increasing sales. Quantcast’s custom audience profile was vital in order to find the ideal customer, and the prospecting and retargeting technology definitely influenced customer behaviour. The always on approach enabled consistency rather than a quick win.”

Adam Outlaw, Blue Tiger Marketing


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