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15% January Sales Boost for Uncle Jeans as a Result of Partnering with Quantcast

How Can Display Advertising Capture January Sales Shoppers?
Uncle Jeans is the leading French online retail company specialising in jeans and street wear, offering products from more than 70 brands. In retail, the month of January presents a huge opportunity, with many consumers hunting for bargains in the notorious January sales. So large is the opportunity that competition is fierce – hundreds, if not thousands of retailers are all competing for sales from a limited pool of consumers. Uncle Jeans sought a display advertising vendor to drive conversions and ultimately increase the volume of its January sales while maintaining its target CPA. For the chosen vendor, this meant that it was imperative to have a streamlined buying strategy, focused only on showing ads to the Internet users most likely to convert, as opposed to adopting a strategy designed to give breadth of coverage.

Quantcast is an important display partner for us. They contribute to 15% of our total sales. Furthermore, Quantcast has been performing 25% below the CPA goal – which means that the campaign was very successful for us.

Charles Costa, Acquisition Manager, Uncle Jeans

Understanding Existing Customers Leads to Finding New Customers
In order to understand the online behaviour and demographic makeup of Uncle Jeans’ top customers, Quantcast tags were placed on the Uncle Jeans website. These tags allowed Quantcast to measure the online behaviours that are specific to Uncle Jeans’ high-value customers; Quantcast then built a custom audience profile for Uncle Jeans based on its highest-value customers. Quantcast used this custom audience profile to identify other ideal prospects across the web, invisible to other vendors, and influence their unique journey.
Quantcast can do this because they observe millions of media consumption signals every day via Quantcast Measure, which directly measures audiences spanning hundreds of millions of web destinations across the world. Predictive intelligence interprets audience behaviours, movements and subtle signals, and links them with billions of prior observations. This process allowed Quantcast to identify other ideal prospects for Uncle Jeans from across the web and to anticipate what each consumer needed or wanted before they even knew, to truly influence their unique journey. Furthermore, and of utmost importance in a sales period, Quantcast Advertise works in real time, interpreting individual behaviors, movements and subtle signals as they happen.

The Results:
During the highly competitive January sales period, Uncle Jeans succeeded in increasing sales volume, through Quantcast. Furthermore, Quantcast bought the overall CPA target down by 25% through their expert custom profiling and real-time media buying.

  • 15% of overall sales driven by Quantcast
  • Overall CPA fell by 25%

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