In a digital advertising market where billions of impressions are accessible in real-time, ensuring ads are shown in a brand-safe environment is fast becoming a priority for every marketer. Quantcast is committed to providing marketers with quality inventory to protect your brand while providing the high performance you’ve come to expect from us.

For every ad campaign, we leverage our proprietary data and modeling capabilities to deliver only the most relevant customers. We take the same approach to proactively ensure these campaigns are delivered in brand-safe environments and on non-fraudulent inventory.

We are IAB-certified across all inventory types, ensuring trust, transparency, quality, and safety for our advertisers.

Proprietary, Dynamic Global Blacklist

Our teams manage a dynamic and proprietary global blacklist containing more than 50,000 sites (and growing). Through a combination of advanced proprietary algorithms, leading third-party vendors, as well as human review, we actively qualify individual websites and continually monitor and evaluate the inventory we buy to ensure that objectionable content is caught right away — particularly as new sites enter the RTB supply. We automatically exclude various content categories, including but not limited to:

  • Pornography and adult content
  • Copyright infringement including piracy and torrent sites, MP3, MPEG and download sites
  • Criminal activities
  • Weapons
  • Violence
  • Extreme (politics and religion)
  • Racist or sexist content
  • Gambling
  • Malware / malware activity

Additional and custom categories can also be excluded at the advertiser’s request.

Greater Advertiser Controls

In addition to the brand safety measures we employ for every campaign, we are pleased to enable further controls specified by an advertiser. This includes:

  • Enabling any whitelist provided by an advertiser for their campaign
  • Supporting leading third-party preventative ad blocking and ad verification companies, such as Double Verify, Integral Ad Science, Moat and ComScore
  • Upholding our takedown policy – upon discovery or notification of inappropriate sites or content, we will update the global blacklist, which in real time applies to all campaigns from that time on, and invoke any contractual consequences that we may have. Advertisers can contact their account team to request the prompt removal of any inappropriate sites.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team of Ph.D.-heavy data scientists, engineers and product managers specialize in building and evolving internal algorithms and workflows to detect and eliminate fraud around the clock. We detect click, conversion, and impression fraud, as well as bots and other forms of non-human or otherwise inappropriate traffic, like toolbars or other malware, and blacklist them as appropriate.

Fraud Mitigation Measures

Fraud is an industry-wide problem that affects every organization in the ad tech ecosystem. We take fraud prevention very seriously and devote a lot of our resources to ensure each and every ad campaign is running in brand safe environments and non-fraudulent inventory.

Fraud detection is a “non-human behavior” modeling challenge that relies on access to big data. Quantcast is a predictive modeling company that is also a top 5 data processor, along with Facebook and Google. We leverage our superior data processing capabilities and the global footprint of our Quantcast Measure product to detect and eliminate fraud for both advertisers and our publisher partners.

To proactively mitigate fraud you must have the ability to model it and then eliminate it. Our dedicated teams use a range of techniques to analyze and score traffic according to the likelihood of fraud. These analyses draw upon our unique visibility on every internet user, enabling our algorithms to detect the difference in behavioral patterns between human and non-human traffic. These underlying techniques are continually modified and enhanced as we apply machine-learning over time, allowing us to better prevent fraud.

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