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What Does It Take To Be a Digital Trailblazer?

A challenge for marketers and advertisers today is to understand the rapidly evolving, fast-paced world of digital media. In this still relatively new industry, success sometimes requires taking risks and diving headfirst into unknown territory. Testing, trying new approaches, and even a willingness to fail are the hallmarks of today’s Digital Trailblazers. It is no coincidence that these early adopters and forward-thinkers are also the industry leaders.


In the Digital Trailblazers series, Quantcast has partnered with Advertising Age to bring you the lessons learned from the front lines of digital media. Now in its second year, the Trailblazers thought leadership hub is loaded with deep insights to help inform your advertising, marketing, and media strategies. As the No. 1 most-visited branded channel on, you can learn from agency and brand leaders about the tools and resources they count on, the tactics they’ve tried, and where they think digital marketing is headed. Topics of interest include why programmatic advertising is transforming digital marketing, ways to succeed in mobile advertising, and how to allocate your multichannel budget to make digital extremely efficient.

On the Digital Trailblazers hub, you have access to:

  • Tips and insights from marketers at major brands like Adobe, Zappos, and Bonobos.
  • “Knowledge Nuggets” from Quantcast’s Real-time Advertising Academy to help you quickly learn more about programmatic marketing and real-time bidding media strategies.
  • Reports, research, videos, stories, and more on the latest in digital.

New Trailblazers are added each month, so be sure to check back for the latest tips and trends! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from those trailblazing the future of digital media.

To check out the hub, visit the Digital Trailblazers on Ad Age.