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The Customer Decision Journey (SupernovaUK 2016 Session)

By Amit Kotecha

Quantcast partnered with Basis Research on a global research study to measure the role that brands, advertising and other touch points play in shaping purchase decisions across eight product categories. Rune Mortensen, Managing Director, Basis Research and Laurie Naspe, Director Strategic Insights, Quantcast took audiences through key findings including:

  • 59% of those considering a purchase have already locked down a first choice brand, across all categories.
  • 70% of consumers use digital across the entire decision journey when making a purchase.
  • Nearly 1/3 of buyers change the preferred brand during the buyer’s journey. Promotions and value are the strongest drivers for change.

As Naspe, puts it: “We tend to get bogged down and not see the big picture, so we commissioned the research to understand the consumer journey and make it visible. The second reason is to build on the previous research which has been done in this space, and let better understand how and when to engage with consumers to increase effectiveness of advertising throughout the funnel.”

Quantcast Supernova 2016 – The Customer Decision Journey (Part 1) from Quantcast on Vimeo.