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Supernova New York Adds Another Chapter of Illumination

Last Wednesday, Quantcast hosted the third in our series of Supernova Big Data Summits, this time in New York City. Supernova, the first in San Francisco and followed in London this past month, is a highly curated, invitation-only event for the world’s top marketing and media executives.

Bringing together some of the digital industry’s brightest stars for an information-packed afternoon, each summit is a stellar event. Outlined below are some key takeaways from the sessions at Supernova NY:

The State of the Real-Time Media Revolution

The summit kicked off with an introduction from Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman, which focused on the importance of creating consumer relevance in digital media. In a world of information abundance, this is a challenging task. It takes serious computing power to be able to collect, organize and understand digital audiences, at scale. Success requires an impressive data set and a continued investment in R&D. We are on the frontiers of Big Data, and there is real potential to create relevance with every impression.

How to Transform Into a Data-Driven Company

Chris Wiggins, chief data scientist for the New York Times, spoke about the need for not only a new toolset, but also a new mindset. Big Data and machine learning can positively influence those decisions. Data science is an enabling opportunity.

Engaging the Next Generation of Customers

David Beebe, VP of creative and content marketing at Marriott International, addressed the power of original content and unique customer experiences to break through the noise and reach customers in new ways (including teleporters).

Be Data Informed, Not Data Driven

The content portion of the summit ended with a fireside chat with Konrad and Jim Bankoff, CEO and chairman at Vox Media. During the discussion, Bankoff explained the importance of being “data informed” as opposed to “data driven” — the data may drive you in a direction that your brand might not want to go. When discussing Vox Media and its various properties, Bankoff also stressed that in order to be a successful publisher online you need to create not only content, but also community and context.

That is just a taste of the rich conversations that occurred around Big Data and the future of digital media. For the full list of speakers, please see the agenda here. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing photos and videos of the sessions, but in the meantime check out live-tweet highlights from the event on Twitter.

Posted by Christina Cubeta, Vice President, Marketing