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“S” Stands for Secure

Today Quantcast joins Google and many other partners in announcing our support for utilizing HTTPS as the industry standard for display advertising platforms. This is a significant change in the industry standard that will ultimately make the internet a safer environment for all. Quantcast fully supports this change for it’s positive impact on internet users, and hopes the rest of our industry will also embrace this shift and the substantial security benefits it brings.

What is HTTPS?

The difference is just one letter, but the impact is significant: browsing the web using HTTP vs. HTTPS. Why does it matter? The “S” in HTTPS stands for secure and it means you’re surfing the web using SSL. SSL (secure sockets layer) is an Internet protocol that provides secure communications for web browsing, email, instant messaging and other data transfers. When you use SSL (indicated by a URL beginning with HTTPS) the information you share online has an extra layer of security in the form of encryption.

What Does SSL Mean for Digital Advertisers?

The security benefits of this shift for users and marketers are substantial, but it will require advertisers to make some adjustments in how they prepare their creative in order to continue to access inventory that moves to SSL. In order for advertisers to access the high-quality inventory from publishers who adopt SSL, advertisers’ creative must be SSL compliant. This requires all creative assets – including any 3rd party partner’s pixels placed within an ad – to be able to deliver successfully within a SSL environment. Without SSL compliant creative, you will lose access to inventory from many premium publishers.

High Security, High Quality

Quantcast supports SSL to ensure that users have the most secure browsing environment and that advertisers have access to the highest-quality display ad inventory online. If you’re looking to learn more about SSL, you can reach out to your Quantcast account team or email We can help you understand the right questions to ask your media partners and the steps you need to take to be SSL compliant. Quantcast is excited by this initiative and the positive impacts it will have on the industry, but in order for this to truly make a difference, we can’t do it alone. It’s time for all members of the digital advertising ecosystem to come together in support of SSL as an industry standard. Please take the time to educate those around you on the benefits of SSL and make sure that your company is fully SSL compliant. Small changes on a large scale can make a huge impact.

Posted by David Grant, Director of Product Management