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Quantcast Supernova NY Sessions: Navigating the Moneyballing of Everything — Transforming into a Data-Driven Company

With a background in biological research, Chris Wiggins is the first Chief Data Scientist for The New York Times. In his session at the Supernova Big Data Summit, he explains how to transform a company to be data-driven, the toolsets and mindsets required to optimize toward what matters, and The New York Times’ innovative approach to creating relationships with audiences.

In the same way that data is changing advertising, it is also changing publishing and the way that many industries now look at their problems. Considering this, data science is both an enabling opportunity and a challenge. Watch how Wiggins unpacks the need for not only a change of toolset but also a change of mindset to truly unlock the enabling ability of data. You may think you have a relationship with data or that a 163-year-old company like The New York Times can’t be a start-up, but Wiggins challenges those and other preconceptions in this insightful session from Supernova NY:

Posted by Capri LaRocca, Marketing Communications Associate