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Quantcast Supernova NY Sessions: Audiences of the Future

From off-the-grid messaging to text messages that disappear, private social networks that let women vet dating partners, and much, much more – our ways of communicating have significantly changed and will only continue to change in response to new technology. In this panel discussion from the Supernova NY Big Data Summit, representatives from major apps and platforms discuss the future of communication. How do you reach audiences that have grown up with completely new and different communications channels? Moderated by Michael Learmonth, global technology editor for the International Business Times, the panelists included:

  • Micha Benoliel, CEO and co-founder, Open Garden (creators of FireChat)
  • Deborah Singer, VP of marketing, Lulu
  • Anna Roth, Product Marketing Research, Microsoft Skype
  • Dez White, App Founder (Invisible Text, Rap Battle Live, Blind Debt, GirlCodeLA)<l/i>

For more information on Supernova NY, visit the summit website and keep an eye on the Quantcast Blog for more video recordings of the sessions!

Posted by Capri LaRocca, Marketing Communications Associate