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Quantcast Advertise Available in 23 International Markets

As 2014 comes to a close, there are many things to take a look back on. When Quantcast Advertise launched in 2009, the adoption of Quantcast Measure was so widespread that our anonymous records of media consumption spanned the entire US Internet population. In 2010, Advertise expanded internationally to the UK. Today, we’re available in a total of 23 international markets. This past year brought Advertise to Mexico in addition to Australia and New Zealand, our first entries into the Asia-Pacific arena.

Quantcast’s real-time, instantaneous map of web activity allows us to anticipate audience behaviors, tailor ad delivery to the specific journey of each and every consumer, and influence the path to conversion for total precision advertising. Our mission has always centered on the concept of “quantcasting” instead of broadcasting; making real-time decisions to create more relevant advertising experiences for consumers. We look forward to continuing to expand Advertise across the globe.

To learn more about Quantcast Advertise and expanding your global footprint, visit our website or contact us. To learn more about the history of Quantcast, check out the two-part story, “Why Broadcast When You Can Quantcast?” from Konrad Feldman, Quantcast CEO and co-founder, on the blog: Part 1 and Part 2.

Posted by Capri LaRocca, Marketing Communications Associate