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New in Quantcast Measure – Dive into the Web Behavior of Any Audience, Mobile or Web

On July 24, we launched the new Audience Interests report, which provides Quantcast Measure users with insights into an audience’s specific interests and the websites they visit most frequently. Using the Audience Interests report, web and app publishers can:

  1. Better describe audiences in response to advertiser RFPs
  2. Tailor content to maximize appeal to your audience
  3. Optimize user acquisition efforts

Web Browsing Behavior for Mobile Apps and Audience Segments

We’re excited that with the launch of Audience Interests, Quantcast Measure becomes the first free measurement tool to provide app publishers with detailed insight into their audience’s web browsing behavior (for apps with enough users).

Audience Interests are available for more than just sites and apps – they’re also available at the network level, and down to the audience segment level. For instance, if you’ve created a “purchaser” segment that includes all users who’ve completed a purchase in your app, you can find an Audience Interest report that shows their top interests and the top sites they visit.

Making Use of the Audience Interests Report

The Top Interests report shows the interests that most closely align with the account, site, app or event being profiled. The Top Sites report shows sites that share a common audience with the profiled property. You can find the sites your audience are most likely to have visited, most similar to your site or app, and you can also see the specific overlap percentage between the audiences of two properties.

For example, publisher is primarily an Arts & Entertainment property, and wants to attract additional advertising. It could use the Top Interests report and Audience Segments to show that its video game section actually has a high concentration of technology enthusiasts, and put together a compelling RFP response for advertisers looking to target that technology enthusiast audience. Additionally, could use this data to further tailor its video game content to align with its audience’s interest in technology.

In another case, a smaller publisher might look to attract advertisers by comparing itself to leading properties in its category. To appeal to an advertiser who wants to reach a fantasy sports audience, for example, might use the Top Sites report to show that its audience is highly likely to also be visiting popular fantasy sports sites. Or it could provide even more specific detail by using Monthly Overlap to show exactly how its audience overlaps with that of a leading fantasy sports site.

Additionally, suspects that while many of their existing users frequent fantasy sports sites, these other sites also represent a significant user acquisition opportunity. Looking at Monthly Overlap within the Top Sites report can confirm that while a large percentage of’s traffic visit these leading fantasy sites only a small percentage of those fantasy sites are visiting, indicating an opportunity for incremental audience growth.

Getting Started

The Audience Interests report is immediately available to all Quantcast Measure users. Or, for the most flexible use of the data, access all Audience Interests data via Quantcast’s Measure API. To sign up for a free Measure account, click here.

For more information on the new Audience Interests report, please check out our Guide to Audience Interests, or contact us at

Posted by Nick Binder, Product Marketing Manager, and Jon Katz, Senior Product Manager