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Measure Tips: Using Measure Profiles to Compare Traffic Across Properties

Quantcast has been an authoritative source for measuring the size of top digital properties since 2006. Publishers, advertisers and or media planners use our list of the Top 100 Sites and our Site Ranks to get a description of the audience size of a particular property. However, Measure users can take this one step further by directly comparing the audiences for different sites within publisher profiles.

The Compare tool makes it easy for publishers and developers to quickly see how their own traffic stacks up against other properties or competitors. Users without a Quantified property can also do competitive research, or inform media planning and advertising buys.

To use the tool, simply go to the publisher profile of any website and check out the traffic report right at the top of the profile. You will see the Compare button at the top right corner of the traffic chart.

To see the comparison, simply click on Compare, and enter the website you would like to compare audiences with. You can choose up to three properties to include in the comparison, and the traffic report will re-populate to show you the traffic trends over time between the two properties.

You can use this feature for any of the Quantcast metrics, whether you want to compare Pageviews, Uniques, Sessions or People. You can also easily adjust the dates to look at trends over any period of time. For publishers, advertisers and researchers, this simple tool makes it easy to compare any site over any period of time.

Posted by Nick Binder, Product Marketing Manager, Publisher Solutions