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Measure Publisher Profile:

Trying to understand the complex world of finance can often seem like an overwhelming task. To make issues like options trading easier to understand, launched as an online financial video network. To learn more about and how they use Quantcast Measure, we recently spoke with their Director of Marketing, David Wald.

What is tastytrade and how did you get started?

DW: At tastytrade, we build products that enhance the lives of people interested in trading…whether they are just starting out, or have been trading professionally for years.

We have two key products: and We started about four years ago, as an online financial network with a mission to make finance fun. At that time, we realized that there was a huge gap in financial content that was both entertaining and actionable or investable. tastyrade now offers over 8 hours of live, original programming every trading day, and thousands of hours of VOD archives.

The next logical step was to address the steep learning curve for new traders, so we developed our web-based visual trading platform, dough. We’ve designed dough to be the easiest way to learn about, understand, and see trading, while also allowing new and existing traders to have an unparalleled trading experience to build and develop their trading!

What is the goal of

DW: Our goal is to build content that engages everyday people who want to trade, helps them improve, and provides actionable and entertaining insight into the markets. We see our network as the only place you can watch our personalities trade the markets live, every day the market is open. Traders love to learn by doing – so we see ourselves as a perfect fit.

What are you all trying to Measure?

DW: Today, it’s imperative to know exactly who your audience is so that you can definitively show value to advertisers and partners. There’s no longer room to be unsure in your metrics; everything in our space is about audience measurement, analytics, and quantification. So, in order to compete and maintain the standard that we’ve set, we actively measure our audience to understand its exact composition.

Why did you choose Quantcast?

DW: We felt Quantcast gave us a new level of insight and easy to use metrics (presented very visually) that helped us to continually improve our understanding of our audience. Plus, it didn’t hurt that it was free and easy to install with our “universal pixel” company, Segment.

Who did you find that your audience was?

DW: We had always believed that our audience was affluent, well-educated and generally awesome (obvious bias acknowledged). Quantcast was able to cull that down in simple ways that confirmed our speculation. Our Measure profile helps us quantify that our audience skews towards grad-school educated with an income of $150k+/year. We typically include the two graphics below from our Quantcast profile in our presentations to potential advertisers.

Any recent success you’d like to share?

DW: Historically, we focused our advertising and partnership efforts almost exclusively toward financial related products and brands. In the past few months, we’ve made the strategic decision to open up our partnership opportunities to companies outside of this space and recently closed two large partnerships! These haven’t been announced yet, but you might get a teaser if you keep an eye on our @tastytrade twitter handle over the next few weeks.

Posted by Nick Binder, Product Marketing Manager, Publisher Solutions