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Introducing Quantcast and Ad Age’s Digital Trailblazers

It has never been a more exciting time to be a marketer than it is right now. We have the most information we’ve ever had to make smart marketing decisions and the real-time technologies to take action on those insights in the moments that matter.

Having launched Quantcast Advertise at the advent of the real-time advertising exchanges, five years later we can attest to the incredible pace at which advertising technology continues to move and the impact it’s had for our clients. In this spirit, Quantcast is partnering with Ad Age to launch Digital Trailblazers – a series to highlight the industry’s up-and-coming executives who are fearlessly pushing the boundaries of digital marketing. Watch the video below to our kick-off to the series.

We were inspired to create this program by the marketers whom we’ve worked with and admired, who are testing and trying out new approaches to stay ahead of the curve. You will learn about what makes them successful and about the tools and resources they count on and uncover ways to take your own marketing to the next level. Quantcast and Ad Age will be showcasing 10 Digital Trailblazers throughout the year, with the first marketer featured today – Crate and Barrel’s The Land of Nod.

Check out the debut over on, where you’ll find the newest profiles every three weeks and find out what trailblazing marketers and companies are really made of!

Posted by Christina Cubeta, Vice President, Marketing