Peter Sirota

Senior Vice President of Engineering & Services

Peter Sirota joined Quantcast in 2014 as Senior Vice President of Engineering & Services, responsible for scaling engineering and managing, organizing and utilizing Quantcast’s tremendous understanding of real-time consumer behavior.

Sirota is a respected leader in the Big Data space, most recently serving as general manager of Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) and Amazon Web services (AWS) Data Pipeline, where he had responsibility for software development, operations, product management, and P&L for the businesses. He led these services from conception – scaling the teams, software and businesses through hypergrowth. Prior to launching these services, he served as a senior manager of Software Development at AWS leading billing, authentication and account management teams, and was responsible for launching the Amazon DevPay service.

Sirota also ran engineering teams at RealNetworks and was responsible for the development and operation of the first Internet audio and video streaming network, Real Broadcast Network (RBN). As a part of that team, he led the first audio ad replacement solution to bring local radio stations on the Internet.

Sirota began his career at Microsoft, working in the Microsoft Office team. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Northeastern University.