Jim Kelly

Vice President, R&D

Jim grew up in the Bay Area. He graduated from Berkeley with a BA in Physics; and from Princeton University with a PhD in the same field. After defending his PhD he realised that he wanted to move back to San Francisco. “That was the time when you would find job ads in newspapers.” He saw several open positions for Software Engineers and Easter Bunnies – the latter because it was close to Easter. He thought that the Easter Bunny thing was going to be seasonal…so he went with software. The decision landed him at Scopus Technology – where he worked on the first generation of call centre applications. That was in 1994, and Jim spent the next 10 years doing enterprise software at Scopus, and some other companies. Jim started at Quantcast in 2006, as one of its earliest employees. He has seen the company grow! Jim’s team is doing innovation around the cluster, brand targeting and measurement. He has 3 sub teams, a total of 12 brilliant engineers. Jim reports to Konrad. Jim remembers when the Quantcast office was on Natoma Street, more of an alley than a street. Then, they move to 2nd and Mission, down to 2nd and Harrison, and now at 3rd and Howard. He also remembers that they use to have just 1 conference room and 1 bathroom, and in order to use the bathroom you needed to cross all the way down through the conference room. It was “quite interesting” and that office “definitely had a lot of personality.”